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Join us as we retrace the extraordinary success of the SO Origin Pattaya freehold project’s launch event. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the collaborative synergy of our three esteemed agency partners in Hong Kong.

Our chosen venue was meticulously transformed into a hub of excitement and eager anticipation, serving as the backdrop for the grand unveiling of the magnificent SO Origin Pattaya. The event radiated opulence and exuded an unmatched aura of investment potential, featuring everything from exclusive pool access units to a sprawling 25,000 sqft. private clubhouse laden with luxurious amenities. With pricing that commences at an enticing 2,200,000 THB, the investment opportunity proved irresistible and left our guests awestruck. The weekend seminar was a comprehensive educational journey, enriched with expert insights and personalized consultations. Our launch event wasn’t a mere introduction; it marked the inception of an extraordinary journey for our valued clients and discerning investors. The future shines with promise, and SO Origin Pattaya is poised to ascend to greatness in the world of real estate. 🏡💎🚀


🏡💎🚀 For agencies interested in collaboration, we extend an invitation to contact us and explore the possibility of joining our esteemed Global Agency Network. To prospective clients interested in this project, we kindly request you to reach out to your designated agent. For those yet to secure representation, we are prepared to facilitate connections with our respected agency partners. 🤝🌐

For any further inquiries or assistance, our dedicated team is at your service through or via WhatsApp/Line at +852 6223 9988. 📧📱 

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